The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Childcare

breastfeeding 2What if the advice given by doctors or caregivers wasn’t nourishing you, your unborn child or developing toddler with the beneficial nutrients needed for a strong immune system and a healthy start to life?


Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, author of the best-selling book, Nourishing Traditions, presents her newest book, The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Childcare, which she co-authored with Thomas S. Cowan, M.D. Sandrine Love, award-winning activist and founder of Nourishing our Children, joined Morell to discuss this newly-released book. Morell and Love discuss everything from pre-conception nutrition for mother and father, childbirth, breastfeeding, vaccines, childhood illnesses, raw milk and more. Morell’s well-researched book could be the new “must have” book for expecting parents and parents who want guidance on raising a healthy and happy child. Although somewhat controversial at times, we predict that this book is soon to become the new “bible” for many expecting parents. This comprehensive interview will leave many of our listeners with a new prospective on nutrition and parenting. For those unfamiliar with the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation, this interview sheds light on some of those nutritional principles. Click the link to listen to this compelling interview below:

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