Paul Frey on Organic and Biodynamic Wines, GMO Yeast, Pesticides and Nuclear Power

frey logoPaul Frey, winemaker at Frey Vineyards, the first organic winery and maker of the first certified biodynamic wine, shares his 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in the wine business. Frey Vineyards, located in Mendocino County, California, is a family owned and operated winery and employs as many as 12 family members. Paul shared how and when GMO yeast was first introduced into the commercial wine industry and the ambiguity around which wines contain GMO yeast. He spoke candidly about the many chemicals that are added to conventional wines and explained why this process is unnecessary when using organic or biodynamic methods. He talked about his family’s passion for making wine naturally without any sulfites or chemicals.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPaul not only makes wines but is an activist–speaking out against nuclear power. He is currently working with others to close down the last nuclear power plant in California, Diablo Canyon. He explained the devastating effects that would ensue if there were a fuel pool fire at the Diablo Canyon plant, which is located on a newly discovered fault. He further explained how the effects of such a catastrophe could destroy one of the biggest agricultural areas, the Central Valley, for decades. This is a very informative interview that covers everything from how the organic wine industry works to the need for education about nuclear power and it’s potentially disastrous effect on humanity. Click on the link below to listen:



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  1. This is great! Thank you!

  2. Christine Berglund Hayes says:

    Great article, Carol. I’m glad to hear about Frey Vinyards–organic and biodynamic processing sounds like the way to go with wines as well as every other food and drink. Hope more will pick up on these ideas.

  3. Crystal D. says:

    This is very good to know. Thank you for sharing and investigating it further.

  4. chezron says:

    Is it possible to read what Paul said?

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