Hossca Harrison: The Energy and Consciousness of GMOs and Food

 What is the consciousness of a GMO? Hossca Harrison, philosopher, mystic, teacher, medium and founder of Jonah Life Institute, shares his knowledge and wisdom as to how energy works.  He spoke with Food Integrity Now about the consciousness of GMOs. He explained how the food we eat is not only affected by our mental, emotional and physical states but by our genetic heritage, our belief systems, and attitudes. He shared how energy works, how like energy attracts like energy, and how all energy has consciousness. His explanation of how the physical brain  is affected by GMOs, which is a major contributing factor to the amount of passivity in the world, is important and relevant to what is happening with our global food supply.  Hossca further spoke about the need for our society to counter this passivity as a way to stop the spreading of GMOs. His message is not only extremely insightful but it is also a message about taking  a stand against corporate greed and manipulation. This interview will provide you with much food for thought! To listen and learn, click on the link below:

Show Notes:

Jonah Life Institute
Tai Yi
Universal Education Foundation

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  1. Thanks Carol for this valuable work. Many illnesses of our times are a direct results of the wrong dieet and healing practices.

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