Dr. Judy Carman: GMO Pig Study

pig stomachFood Integrity Now spoke with Australian scientist, Dr. Judy Carman, epidemiologist and biochemist, about the GMO Pig Study. Dr. Carman, the lead scientist, along with 7 other co-authors and scientists completed the study earlier this year. This thoroughly documented and peer-reviewed study was conducted on a farm in Iowa with 3rd-generation farmer, Howard Vlieger.  Vlieger is the past president of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (“FRFA”).

Judy CarmanDr. Carman has held senior population health positions in Australia, including as the Senior Epidemiologist investigating outbreaks of disease for her State government.  She also has considerable experience in conducting animal feeding experiments.

Dr. Carman shared the details of this double-blind study with Food Integrity Now.  She spoke about her experience with the backlash and harassment from the biotech industry, which as she puts it “was designed to create a smoke screen to create doubt.”  Dr. Carman has much expertise in creating animal feeding studies and human epidemiological studies and this expertise is scientifically difficult to dispute. To learn more about how this ground-breaking, long-term study on the effects of GMOs grains fed to pigs, click on the link below:

Show Notes:

The Study

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  1. Just listened to the GMO pig study interview. That was great Carol, and thanks to Dr Carman for her truth and work regarding GMO’s. How were the ancestors of them raised? Were they GMO free as well?

  2. Carol Grieve' says:

    That is a good question and I do not have the answer. I will email Dr. Carman and ask her your question. Thanks for listening.

  3. Howard Vlieger says:

    The pigs came from a mainstream hog herd that was fed GMO grain.

  4. Apparently Monsanto’s flacks cut the sound. I cannot get anything.

  5. Carol Grieve' says:

    Susan Snow, it works fine. Try this: http://foodintegritynow.org/?powerpress_pinw=4337-podcast

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