Webinar Replay: How NOT to get Sick This Winter

 Many people get colds or the flu during the winter months. You can take specific steps to increase your immune system NOW so you do NOT get sick this winter.

In this 35-minute webinar (listen here), you will learn:

  • Specific steps to increase your physical immune system so you don’t get sick this winter
  • Tips on how to increase your emotional and mental immune systems
  • How to decrease your likelihood of getting sick in the future
  • My top picks for supplements
  • How to increase the quality of your life

Click on the link below to hear how to greatly increase your immune system and to get or stay well!

About Carol Grieve'

Carol Grieve' is the Founder, CEO and host of Food Integrity Now. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist using the functional medicine process, life coach, parenting coach, food educator, speaker, writer, visionary and artist. To find out more about Carol's wellness coaching and public speaking, contact her at carol@foodintegritynow.org or emailing her at carolgrieve333@gmail.com Phone, Zoom and Skype sessions are available for coaching!

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