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Clearly Filtered removes up to 99.99% of over 220 tap water contaminants, including lead, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides (including Glyphosate), hormones & pharmaceuticals while maintaining healthy minerals and nutrients. Made of 100% BPA-free medical grade Tritan!

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Now you can get the same clean water you’ve come to expect from Clearly Filtered right from your faucet. Our revolutionary new 3-Stage Under-the-Sink Filtration System installs neatly under your kitchen sink and filters the water coming from your cold water line. After years of engineering and testing, we are proud to offer our most advanced filter option yet! 
The best part is the system can be easily installed without a plumber and will provide you and your family with clean water for months to come. Find out more here:

Patented Under Sink System

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Chrome 7 setting filtered Shower Head removes Chlorine, Odors, Dirt and Sediment for healthier and smoother hair and skin.

Stop inhaling harmful chlorine while showering! Get a ClearlyFiltered shower head and enjoy clean, refreshing showers without the contaminants & chemicals. Find out more here:

PURINIZE® is the only liquid water purifier that naturally disinfects and clarifies water without chemical disinfectants. Its 100% natural, mineral-based formula eliminates/reduces 200+ contaminants, making it safe for anyone, anywhere to drink and use. Whether you’re hiking, backcountry camping, traveling abroad, or preparing an emergency survival kit, PURINIZE® is a safe, easy, and effective water treatment option for any situation; It’s portable. It’s pure. It’s protection. Check it out here:  We love this product!!

About Safe Sleeve

The unfortunate truth is that the convenience of being able to use our personal electronics anywhere, anytime often causes many of us to ignore the associated consequences. This is not unlike the emergence of other groundbreaking products, such as asbestos and cigarettes, whose deadly health effects were not apparent until many years after their introduction. Based on recent trends in our understanding of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by our personal electronics, there are some frightening similarities.

Safe Sleeve Phone Protector

The Original SafeSleeve with Anti-Radiation Technology was developed as a stylish and convenient solution to a problem with increasing knowledge and awareness: EMR and its harmful effects on our health.  

And so began the engineering of the original SafeSleeve for Laptop with the goal to provide its users safety, convenience, and style.

After launching SafeSleeve for Laptop in 2012 to massive demand, there were many requests from customers for protection for other personal electronics like cell phones and tablets. Subsequently, SafeSleeve released cases for both and has continued to expand their offering and improve their products since.
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