Biocidin® Wellness Kit


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Complete Broad-Spectrum
Immune Support

Synergistic combinations of botanicals are a natural way to support the immune system

The Biocidin® Wellness Kit contains Biocidin® Throat Spray, Olivirex®, and Biocidin® Capsules, which together provide you with broad-spectrum, immune support.

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Kit includes 1 Biocidin® Throat Spray 1FL OZ (30ml), 1 Olivirex® 30 caps,  and 1 Biocidin® 30 caps

Biocidin® Throat Spray: broad-spectrum botanicals help maintain healthy respiration

Olivirex®: high-potency Olive leaf extract provides an additional immune defense

Biocidin® Capsules: broad-spectrum systemic support for balanced microbial ecology

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