Bliss Me Ashwaganda




Ashwagandha, a hearty nightshade plant related to the tomato, is native to India, North Africa, and other regions of Southeast Asia.
It adapted to grow in harsh dry conditions and its roots, leaves,
and berries are used for their restorative and rejuvenating

Sometimes called “Indian Ginseng” or Winter Cherry, this ancient
herb is known for its adaptogenic properties- or the ability to
support our bodies during occasional stress so we can conserve

In Sanskrit, ashwagandha translates to “essence of a horse.” It’s
known to give the strength and vigor of a stallion…

Our tablets make it convenient to take ashwagandha with a quick
sip of water, or they can be dissolved into your favorite teas and
tonics. (See our quick recipes below.)

Bliss Me also contains organic black pepper powder, known for its
unique properties that enhance bioavailability of other nutrients– including ashwagandha. This dynamic combination helps your
body to unlock the true potency of this amazing root.