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It’s time to reclaim your health.

Support Healthy Brain Function and A Healthy Immune System While Promoting Bone Health – With Truvani’s Organic Vitamin D3! It’s USDA organic.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for humans, and the reality is… people don’t get enough of it. According to the New England Journal of Medicine that nearly 1 billion people worldwide have insufficient levels of Vitamin D…

It’s a big problem, so the question is:

How do we get Vitamin D in the first place?

There are two ways:

However, where we live, what time of year it is, our skin pigmentation and age… even the amount of sunscreen we use and clothing we wear…

Can all affect the amount of Vitamin D we get naturally from the sun.

Plus, many of us spend long hours working inside.

Some Vitamin D supplements contain Vitamin D2… not Vitamin D3. D2 and D3 process differently in the liver, and D2 is less effective at raising the level of Vitamin D in the body. Some Vitamin D supplements were made from the grease found in Sheep’s wool… gross. It’s literally lamb lard. Some Vitamin D supplements had so many unnecessary additives that I wasn’t sure if I’d do more harm than good. This is one of the reasons why I knew I had to create my own Vitamin D3 supplement one day. And I’m happy to say…

That day is today.

At Truvani, we created a new Vitamin D3 supplement called “Truvani’s Bottled Sunshine.”

It’s an organic vitamin D3 supplement from a unique plant source called a Lichen.

Lichen absorbs vitamin D from the sun and passes it onto us. It is a 100% vegan and vegetarian suitable Vitamin D3 product.

Vitamin D can help to support enhanced energy, focus, and mood – so that you can enjoy your life and feel like yourself again.