Harmonic Biome Refill


Pre-Launch Special!!! To participate in our Gut Cleanse, we are offering this specially discounted, limited time package! When you purchase this item, which is a discounted package of 1 BoPre-launch speciLumina 400 gram and 1 Fearless, you will automatically receive a FREE 10 day sample of Harmonic Biome, a Quantum Infused, organic herbal product designed to assist in the rebalance of the intestinal flora. Harmonic Biome is only available as a 10 day sample during the online Gut Cleanse event. You can also purchase the 10 day sample of Harmonic Biome separately (not free). This product is not available for Autoship.

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Harmonic Biome is the worlds first Quantum Infused gut health product! This product helps rid the digestive tract of negative bacteria, assisting the gut microbial balance to be in its naturally optimal state. Packaged in a pouch and designed to re-fill the Miron Glass jar, the supply is enough to last one person 2 months when taken 2 times per day as directed. (120 doses) Made of the finest Mint, Garlic and Slippery Elm, Harmonic Biome is organic, non-GMO, Keto friendly, vegan, not from China and made with love! Works especially well when combined with BioLumina and Fearless. 60 grams.