Immuno-C Organic Vitamin C




There are many sources of Vitamin C…

…but not all sources of Vitamin C are created equal.

And some of the Vitamin C sources aren’t even made from real food.

Take a look at this

It looks like a normal line item on an ingredient panel.

Here’s the problem:

The front of the product is covered in pictures of oranges. The back of the product, on the ingredient panel, says “Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid).”

This is the sort of things companies do to trick people into thinking they’re getting their nutrition from real food, when in reality: Synthetic ascorbic acid is often derived from GMO cornstarch or corn syrup processed with volatile acids.

At Truvani, this is NOT OKAY.

At Truvani, our #1 goal is to use the best ingredients available… always. And that’s why we decided to use the most potent source of Vitamin C that’s made from real food.

The amla berry contains up to 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges. So, that’s what we used to make our new Vitamin C tablet.

(Oh, and of course our Amla berries are USDA organic).

The amla berry contains a rich Vitamin C complex that is able to withstand heat and drying processes…

…and you can literally smell it.

This Vitamin C is amazing!