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 Parenting is undoubtedly the most rewarding and, without parent coaching, also the most challenging adventure in a person’s life. Guiding our children to be able to not only function in our ever-changing world but to thrive, can be extremely challenging or incredibly rewarding. That being said, it may be the most important job you have!

Do you remember the first hours of being a parent? The unconditional love you had for the tiny new creature that did nothing but eat, sleep and cry, coupled with the enormous burden of responsibility, from which there was no escape. That was the introduction to the most important task of your life – parenting. For may it was a bit overwhelming.  For many parents, it can even be scary because kids do not come with a manual. Most of us never learned how to do this—except for our parents, which may or may not have been beneficial for our well-being.

Our children are fantastic teachers for us. The lessons we learn as a parent are invaluable, although it may not feel like it at the time.

As a life coach and parent coach, I have learned that first and foremost, we are here to guide our children and to assist them to make wise choices–so that they have all they need to be happy, productive adults. It’s ultimately their choice, but with beneficial guidance from you, it gives them a much clearer view of their life and how to achieve whatever their heart desires.

What I find is that many parents do not know how to communicate with their children in a positive way. Positive communication allows for both you and your child to feel heard, feel empowered, and to feel safe in expressing whatever it is you or they want to express. Many parents only want to hear the positive of what is going on in their child’s life. This won’t work! You need to be willing to hear it all in order to assist your child in their choices. Especially with teenagers, getting them to talk is so important.

 When assisting our children, I do not mean “do it for them”. Children learn by their experiences and gain confidence by knowing that they have the power to create their outcome based on their choices. This is a skill and a confidence builder for your child. A confident child who loves themself will make wise choices for their future. Assisting your child to have this confidence is the key to self-esteem and creating joy.

Some of the tools I offer in my Parent Coaching are:

    • Learn how to be an effective communicator with your children where you and they feel heard
    • Learn how to be the best parent you can be without sacrificing YOU
    • Learn how to bond with your children (most of us were never taught this)
    • Learn how to nurture your child’s unique ability(s)
    • Learn how to set boundaries without punishing
    • Learn how to create a safe place where your child will tell you anything
    • Understanding that they do not see the world the same way you do
    • Learn to love yourself more fully and they will learn from you
    • Learn to be congruent with your words and actions
    • Learn how to teach your child to meditate
    • Learn to be authentic (your kids know when you are not?)
    • Learn how to get them to talk about their feelings

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