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If you need any guidance getting started on a healthier diet or just to lose some unwanted pounds, I highly recommend having weekly phone sessions with Carol Grieve. For health reasons I needed an anti-inflammatory diet, which is , sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and carb free. Very strict, but working with Carol, it was painless for me. She helped me know all the good interesting foods I could eat that tasted good.  After 6 months I have surpassed my goal of losing 20 lbs. And the best part is how much better I feel. I feel 10 years younger, my brain works better and I have so much more energy.Thank you so much,  Carol! -Elaine B

“All I can say is coaching with Carol was transformational. I went through years of therapy and they only scratched the surface compared to what I accomplished with Carol. The innerchild work created the space I needed to heal. I got to the core of a repetitive patterns and tools to work on and through them. I highly recommend Carol. “–Sam M.

“After having recently undergone gall bladder surgery, I sought professional guidance for achieving better nutrition. Much to my delight, I found Carol Grieve’, a Food Integrity coach. Her knowledge of food was impressive, and her unique and personable approach assured me that I was in professional hands. Not only has she helped me create a diet specific to my immediate needs, but has guided me into a more permanent regimen that will promote better health and well-being. In less than a week I was feeling so much better. Not just physically, but mentally too! I simply cannot believe the change. With that said, all that’s left is: bon appetit! “ -Ramona

Carol is an amazing life coach. I went to her for coaching about how to eat healthier. She honed in right away on the deeper issue of needing to nourish my spirit. She gives creative, yet practical suggestions on how to live with passion. We did our coaching over the phone and I was impressed with how she could read my energy through my voice. Even though we weren’t face to face- I felt she understood me and we were able to connect. I would recommend Carol to anyone that is on a healing journey and ready to take responsibility. -Heather

My relationship with Carol has benefited me beyond expectation. The support and guidance she has provided me has assisted me in healing many issues. I have a clearer vision of who I am and what I am passionate about in this lifetime thanks to Carol- -Kay

Hi my name is Cynthia and Carol was my Life Coach for about three years. I found her to be a very wise and compassionate person. I believe that one of her many talents is that she can help one to see where perhaps their perspective is off balance without making one feel defensive. Prior to working with Carol, I was in counseling and more than once I would walk away feeling less than. I never ever felt that way with Carol. I would absolutely recommend her. She has certainly played an important role in my life as I go on this journey we are all on. – -Cynthia Anne Neil

Carol from Food Integrity Coaching has really helped our family learn about the foods that can harm and heal.  Carol helped with a meal plan for our 21 year old daughter who suffers from gut disorders that the doctors have not been able to yet determine.  She has also gone through our kitchen cupboards and educated us on why most of the items could be harmful…thank you.  It’s great having her come into your home to really apply her knowledge to everyday life!  She interviews all the experts with discernment and reads all the latest science.  And she loves what she does so it rubs off on us.  We are learning to change the way we shop, cook and prepare food.  (Carol is also a great cook and makes this stuff fun and interesting.) -Deanne L.

I hired Carol to coach my husband and I on our diet and the foods we bought. Carol was VERY knowledgeable and passionate in teaching us how to read labels and understand the ingredients that were beneficial or not for us.  She even came to our home and went through all our cupboards and refrigerator, explaining as she went and helping us to make a list of what we needed to replace with more healthy foods.  Her coaching was so beneficial we noticed our energy going up and I personally lost 65 pounds due to her perceptive feedback that grains were not beneficial for me! I was so happy with Carol’s coaching, I hired her to facilitate a workshop for the at-risk, generational poverty junior high students I worked with.  She created a fun and experiential workshop with the students, including a treasure hunt at the a local grocery store.  Students not only learned about harmful ingredients, they learned how to identify them in foods they liked and how to choose foods they could afford that would be much more beneficial for them.  The students were excited to share with their families and educate them on their next shopping trip. Hiring Carol was the best decision I have ever made and the lives of myself, my husband, and my students are richer for it. -Deb Morrill, CO

Working with Carol was a pleasure. She helps guide you toward your aspirations and goals, whether those be nutritional, spiritual, personal, relationship, business, or any area of your life that needs healing.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that greatly assists you on your own personal journey.  I love her honesty, integrity and understanding.  There is no judgment but only a deep sense of compassion and insight. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone who wants a coach that will help them reach their potential and goals! – -Samantha E., Delmar,CA

I honor you for your nurturing the love within me the past four years. Your guidance is immeasurable. Your love is immeasurable, and yours is pure as is your compassion for what you do and who you are. You are a master. –Chuck

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