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  • The New MDS Discuss Alzheimer’s
    Today, the new MDS discuss Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The new MDS are mothers, doctors and scientists and Dementia is a general term for cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s Disease. In this … Read more
  • Oxalates: Toxic Superfoods
    When I first heard of Sally Norton’s book, Toxic Superfoods, How Oxalate Overload is Making You Sick-And How to Get Better, I thought to myself, what are oxalates. I had … Read more
  • Having Friends of the Heart To Thrive!
    In this episode of Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru, Rosie and I talk about friendships. We discuss the importance of having friends of the heart and how this … Read more
  • Not Thriving? Let’s Discuss Forgiveness, Judgment and Doubt
    In our most recent chat, Rosie and I discuss forgiveness, judgment and doubt. If you are not thriving, could your block be related to forgiveness, judgment, or doubt? These energies … Read more
  • Apeel: Fruit and Vegetable Coating, A Risky Endeavor
    Apeel, which is a coating that is used on fruits and vegetables, even some organic, is a risky endeavor for sure. Apeel fruit and vegetable coating was created by Apeel … Read more
  • Lifespan or Healthspan?
    Longevity is certainly something that many want to achieve. A question you may want to ask yourself is “do you want to have a long lifespan or healthspan?” The definition … Read more
  • Passion and Purpose Are Keys to Thriving
    Most of us want a joyful life! Passion and purpose are keys to thriving and creating that life. By this we mean that passion and a resonance of something greater … Read more
  • What Gets In The Way of Thriving?
    This week Rosie and I discuss what gets in the way of thriving. Almost everyone wants to have a life where they thrive, but why aren’t most people creating that … Read more
  • Feeling Grateful Can Grow Our Capacity to Thrive
    In this Episode, Rosie and I discuss the importance of feeling grateful and how feeling grateful can grow our capacity to thrive. We are not talking about just feeling grateful … Read more
  • Learning to Feel, A Powerful Tool to Thrive!
    In this Learning to Feel episode, Rosie and I explore feelings— not just emotional type feelings, but feelings as in sensing into vibrations within ourselves in relation to food, and well, … Read more
  • The Good Garden
    It’s that time of year when many are preparing and planting their summer gardens. In my talk today with Chris McLaughlin, author of The Good Garden, we discuss some of … Read more
  • Brain Health and Thriving Like a Guru
    To whatever degree you wish to thrive, a healthy brain will support you in your endeavor. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss the how and why of having … Read more
  • Dilemmas of Aging
    Many people as they age are contemplating the dilemmas of aging. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss some of those dilemmas and how we have a choice in … Read more
  • What Does Beauty Feel Like?
    Rosie and I chatted this week about what is beauty—more importantly, what does beauty feel like? We were both considered to be beautiful as children or so we were told. … Read more
  • What Your Food Ate
    The root of good health starts on farms. I spoke with Anne Biklé and David R. Montgomery, authors of What Your Food Ate about the science and research behind their … Read more
  • Have You Priced The Cost Of Illness?
    Many people who are on limited incomes resist buying organics, because of the expense. And, because there is some controversial content disputing the benefits of organic foods, it can be … Read more
  • Eating Like Your Life Depends On It
    My life work is educating about toxins and chemicals in our food supply and offering solutions on how to create a healthy life where you can thrive. I recently spoke … Read more
  • Be On A Date With Your Food
    In this episode we exchange experiences and ideas regarding not only what we eat but how we eat. What would it be like to be on a date with your … Read more
  • Don’t Like Your Outcome? Look at Your Intention
    In this episode, you’ll hear Carol and Rosie share how so much of their focus is on the intention to learn and grow, from curiosity—not from lack, or fear of … Read more
  • Beyond Food Integrity, Meet Carol and Rosie
    In this first episode of our new series, Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Life a Guru, meet Carol and Rosie,. We invite you to get to know a little bit more … Read more
  • Health and Homesteading
    Today I spoke with Dr. Chris Boman, holistic chiropractor, father, author, and homesteader. Homesteading has grown exponentially over the last couple of years with many people wanting to know more … Read more
  • Impossible Burger: Got Glyphosate?
    The company, Impossible Foods, is growing exponentially. Many are familiar with their Impossible Burger but they also make “fake” chicken, pork, sausage, and meatballs. You see these products in grocery … Read more
  • Dr. William Davis: Reclaiming Lost Microbes and Youthfulness
    I spoke with Dr. William Davis today, bestselling author of the Wheat Belly books, Undoctored and Super Gut, about reclaiming lost microbes and youthfulness. What does this mean? Let’s dig … Read more
  • Earth Detox A Critical Choice
    Food Integrity spoke with Julian Cribb, author of Earth Detox, How and Why We Must Clean up the Planet. I feel like this is one of the most important interviews … Read more
  • Cornucopia Institute on Animal Welfare
    I spoke with Kestrel Burcham, Policy Director at The Cornucopia Institute, about animal welfare and what is happening with the Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards (OLPS) ruling which is coming … Read more
  • Herbal Remedies For Your Health This Winter
    Food integrity Now spoke with Mari Marques, Certified Herbalist, about some of the DIY herbal remedies for creating health. Marques, owner of The Thymekeeper in Florissant, Colorado, offered practical ways … Read more
  • 7 Reasons Why Gene Editing is Dangerous
    Gene editing is cheap, easy, prone to side effects, poorly regulated and can permanently alter nature’s gene pool-a recipe for disaster. In the short video (6.33 minutes) you will learn … Read more
  • The Virus and the Host
    We live in a time when it has never been more important to have a healthy immune system. Certainly, the last 2-1/2 years has taught us this. There will undoubtedly … Read more
  • Harmonic Biome: Creating Balance in our Microbiome
    I spoke with Lance Leonard, co-founder of New Phoenix Rising, about Harmonic Biome and creating balance in our microbiome. Lance talked about why Harmonic Biome is so different than the … Read more
  • The Neighborhood Food Network is You
    I spoke with Zen Honeycutt today of the Neighborhood Food Network, an initiative she and a few others started because they saw the need for us to start growing food, … Read more
  • Healing Grounds, Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming
    Liz Carlisle is no stranger to studying regenerative agriculture, food and farm policy, and incentivizing soil health practices and supporting new entry farmers. That being said, what she writes about … Read more
  • Super Gut
    The ancient bacteria that has kept our gut in alignment and our digestion easy have been dying off and replaced by harmful microbes that don’t serve to keep us physically … Read more
  • Dr. David Perlmutter: Drop Acid
    What do obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, neurological disorder, and pre-mature death have in common? All can be stoked by high uric acid levels. In my … Read more
  • Does Your Farmed Salmon Contain This Chemical?
    Food Integrity Now’s mission is to provide powerful and accurate information about food, health and wellness to assist humanity to make wise choices in creating fantastic health and a joy-filled … Read more
  • Parasites and Detoxing with Dr. Linda
    I spoke with Dr. Linda Lancaster, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician about her book, Harmonic Healing. During our chat, Dr. Linda talked about how parasites can be the underlying cause of … Read more
  • DIY Herbal Remedies For Your Health
    Food integrity Now spoke with Mari Marques, Certified Herbalist, about some of the DIY herbal remedies for creating health. Marques, owner of The Thymekeeper in Florissant, Colorado, offered practical ways … Read more
  • Ancient Grains IMPROVE Health and Gut Microbiome
    By: Moms Across America and Food Integrity Now Over the past ten years, the food industry in American has been turned topsy turvy. All of a sudden millions of people … Read more
  • Defending Beef
    This week, Food Integrity Now spoke with Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef, The Ecological and Nutritional Case for Meat. Hahn Niman, a former 33-year vegetarian, shares her compelling … Read more
  • Organic Food in Hospitals–What a Concept!
    Fresh, healthy, organic food is often not even considered in the American health care system. Many hospitals serve their patients foods like jello and cream of wheat and other processed … Read more
  • 5 Powerful Steps to Strengthen Your Immunity
    Last Friday on The Empower Hour on CHD TV, we spoke with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who is a recognized world expert on gluten and its impact on health. He is … Read more
  • Want to Strengthen Your Immune System?
    Want to strengthen your immune system? I think you will agree that it has never been as important as it is right now. Join us on The Empower Hour on … Read more
  • Earth Detox A Critical Choice
    Food Integrity spoke with Julian Cribb, author of Earth Detox, How and Why We Must Clean up the Planet. I feel like this is one of the most important interviews … Read more
  • New Study: Organic Farming Lessens Reliance on Pesticides and Promotes Public Health
    I spoke with Dr. Charles Benbrook about his recent peer-reviewed study published In Agronomy entitled Organic Farming Lessens Reliance on Pesticides and Promotes Public Heath by Lowering Dietary Risks which … Read more
  • Toxic Legacy: Stephanie Seneff, PhD
    Toxic Legacy–what are we leaving our grandchildren? There are not many people who have studied the weedkiller, glyphosate, as much as Stephanie Seneff, PhD. Seneff, has been affiliated with MIT … Read more
  • Impossible Burgers in Our Schools? Say NO!
    Just recently Impossible Foods got the go ahead that would allow their Impossible Burger in our schools. Please say NO and here is why. The Problems Food Integrity Now spoke … Read more
  • Walmart Takes A Step to Save the Bees
    Just recently, we received a Press Release from Friends of the Earth (FOE), Walmart annouces industry-leading policy to protect pollinators from pesticides. Walmart takes a step to save our bees! … Read more
  • The Monsanto Papers
    Food Integrity Now spoke with Carey Gillam about her new book, The Monsanto Papers, Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption, and One Man’s Search for Justice. The book tells the inside story … Read more
  • Gabe Brown: Our Lives Depend on the Soil
    I spoke with Gabe Brown, farmer, educator and author who is one of the leading experts on soil and regenerative agriculture. Gabe shared the how and why our lives depend … Read more
  • Matt Powers: Regenerative Soil
    Today I spoke with Matt Powers. Matt is an author, educator, seed saver, gardener, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the entire K-12 education system through the collegiate system as … Read more
  • Medicating Normal
    Over 7 Million children under the age of 18 take prescribed psychiatric drugs. The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars marketing their psychiatric medications. Only two countries allow television ads … Read more