AirDoctor 5500

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Air Doctor, the Professional Air Purifier that captures contaminants 100X smaller than standard HEPA purifiers.

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The AirDoctor 5500 is our updated, most powerful and quietest purifier with a new patented filter design. It is the pure air solution for extra large spaces, high ceilings and open concepts. Pair it with the AirDoctor 2000, our petite defender that provides powerful purification for small rooms, medium/small bedrooms, nurseries, home offices and more.

The trouble with most air purifiers is that many are not large enough and only remove a small amount of the dangerous particles from the air, and many do not remove toxic gases. Or, if you find one that does, it will be very expensive.

That is why I highly recommend the Air Doctor. The AirDoctor is the first affordable air purifier that combines an UltraHEPA filter (100x more effective than ordinary HEPA filters) with a dual-action gas trap filter. The filter is able to remove 100% of the smallest and most dangerous particles at 0.003 microns. This means it can remove virtually 100% of the particle pollution, while also protecting you from toxic ozone and volatile organic compounds, which can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, frequent headaches, nausea, and also liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage. It comes with an air quality monitor that uses a professional-grade laser sensor to monitor the quality of your air and automatically adjust the filtration level. The fan speed will go up and down, depending on what is needed to keep your home clean.