Gut to Glow Microbiome Beauty Product


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 As you know, I am a big believer in the power of the gut microbiome.  

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When Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly and Super Gut success was on the show, he shared about his company, Oxyceutics, and their debut product, Gut to Glow. He formulated this supplement to support gut balance and impact the skin from the inside out.  

I have experienced the benefits of L. reuteri by making his yogurt and m now so excited to have an alternative to that. In addition to L. reuteri, he added marine collagen, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid–all ingredients that have been studied for their skin benefits. I noticed my skin was better and I also am having deeper sleep.

Oxyceutics conducted a pre-market group in which after 3 months, 88% of women reported a brighter and more luminous skin tone, and 81% a more youthful appearance. These results are exciting, and they have two more clinical trials underway that should be complete in early 2023.  

I have been enjoying taking Gut to Glow and would love to share this with you!  Free shipping code below:

Please use the code FSGLOWFIN to receive free shipping