• Jeffrey Smith is Sounding the Alarm on GMO 2.0
    Jeffrey Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Institute for Responsible Technology, is the most knowledgeable person on the planet about GMOs. His 27-year career of educating about the dangers of GMOs is so impressive–as he was one of the first to educate us about GMOs and their effect ...
  • Gene Editing Causes Chaos In Genome of Tomatoes
    Many who follow websites like Food Integrity Now are aware of gene editing technology like CRISPR/Cas gene editing. We and others like Responsible Technology, GM Watch, Moms Across America, Sustainable Pulse and others have been warning about the danger of this technology. We have been deeply c...
  • 7 Reasons Why Gene Editing is Dangerous
    Gene editing is cheap, easy, prone to side effects, poorly regulated and can permanently alter nature’s gene pool-a recipe for disaster. In the short video (6.33 minutes) you will learn about the 7 reasons why gene editing is dangerous and unpredictable. This article was first posted by...

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