• Wheat Intolerance Might Be Due to Glyphosate
    A new study shows that wheat intolerance might be due to Glyphosate. This is what many of us have suspected for years. as glyphosate is sprayed on wheat as a pre-harvest desiccant. A scientific review identifies glyphosate as a possible cause of the global rise in wheat intolerance. This cond...
  • Gene Editing Causes Chaos In Genome of Tomatoes
    Many who follow websites like Food Integrity Now are aware of gene editing technology like CRISPR/Cas gene editing. We and others like Responsible Technology, GM Watch, Moms Across America, Sustainable Pulse and others have been warning about the danger of this technology. We have been deeply c...
  • GMOs & Glyphosate: All Roads Lead to Cancer
    At Food Integrity Now, we have been educating about GMOs and Glyphosate for over 12 years. We look forward to the day when we don’t have to talk about it! That day has not arrived yet--and now we have another study showing that it is worse than we thought with more evidence of the cancer-c...

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