• Unique Study Shows Glyphosate and Roundup Disrupt Human Gut Bacteria
    Both glyphosate and Roundup disturbed the gut microbiome in a study conducted in a simulated human digestive tract, but some of the changes were reversed with a probiotic formulation. This is the first study to prove that glyphosate and Roundup disrupt the human gut microbiome. Methods The...
  • GMO Beef Could Enter Food Supply in 2 Years
    At Food Integrity Now, we are greatly concerned about the consequences of genetically modifying any of our food. The CRISPR technology is no exception to this concern. The FDA does not have our food safety as a concern-and are moving forward with the approval of GMO beef. In my opinion and in t...
  • Gene Editing – Really Scary Technology?
    What is all the fuss about CRISPR-Cas9 technology and gene editing? Genome editing (also called gene editing) is a group of technologies that give scientists the ability to change an organism’s DNA. These technologies allow genetic material to be added, removed, or altered at particular loc...

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