• Air Quality Alerts
    I am concerned and want to address the urgent air quality alerts many of us have received. I personally experienced how bad the air quality was when I recently visited Colorado. I know that many people have been directly affected by smoke. from the Canadian wildfires. I am concerned but I know t...
  • More than 50 Percent of Tested U.S. Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds Heavily Polluted
    Research shows that more than 50% of tested U.S. rivers, lakes, and ponds heavily polluted. Report finds EPA has “neglected its duty” under the federal Clean Water Act. More than 700,000 miles of America’s rivers, streams and creeks and more than 11 million acres of lakes, ponds a...
  • Whales and Dolphins: Will Humanity Put a Stop to This Madness?
    Did you know that the Department of Defense has given the U.S. Navy permission to cover 70% of our oceans with their sonar system? What does this mean for the whales, dolphins and other cetaceans? Lyndia and Lance Leonard have taken this issue on to assist our friends of the sea. Through the mili...

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