Food Integrity Now – E19 – Michael Potter, CEO of Eden Foods


If you’re into eating healthy, you know about Eden Foods. But many don’t know how exceptional this humble company actually is. Started over 40 years ago, they’ve been in it from the beginning. At a time when organic food wasn’t trendy or profitable, Michael Potter founded Eden Foods on the principle of creating food he … continue reading …

Food Integrity Now – E18 – Barbara Kowalcyk – Discussing food safety and S.510


You know Barbara Kowalcyk, founder of The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention, from the hit documentary Food Inc. Her son tragically died from eating e.coli-tainted beef. Barbara has been making large strides towards increasing the safety of our food and was a recent recipient of The LennonOno Award for Peace. She took some … continue reading …

Despite problems with superweeds, Obama and USDA firmly support GMOs


Superweeds, a side-effect of growing Roundup-Ready genetically modified (GM) crops, are a growing problem. Roundup-Ready crops, engineered to tolerate weedkiller, are the most popular variety of GM crop today. However, many native weeds have evolved their own defense to weedkiller and now occupy 10 million acres of US farmland. Despite this issue being a direct … continue reading …

Food Integrity Now – E17 – Lono Kahuna Kupua Ho’ala


Think you know what’s in your drinking water? The truth may surprise you. Lono Kahuna Kupua Ho’ala, water expert and author of Don’t Drink the Water, joins us on the show to discuss one of the most vital substances needed for life. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 57:16 — 26.2MB) | … continue reading …

Corn Refiners Association hired “trusted moms” to promote high-fructose corn syrup as “natural”


High-fructose corn syrup has been under siege lately and the Corn Refiners Association is desperate to do something about it. Companies have been advertising their products with the statement “high fructose corn syrup-free” and the CRA recently lobbied the FDA to allow a name change. In a desperate move that will only reflect badly on … continue reading …

A Biotech Backlash? Farmers beginning to question the GMO path


There are so many aspects of the GMO debate, one might find oneself at a loss for where to start. There are studies indicating GMOs cause organ damage and infertility. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine released a paper showing more than a causal association between GMOs and adverse health effects. According to the AAEM, … continue reading …

Pink goo on it’s way to a fast-food joint near you


No, that’s not strawberry ice cream you’re looking at. The pink goo in this picture is on it’s way to getting breaded to become delicious chicken nuggets and patties.