Food Integrity Now – E17 – Lono Kahuna Kupua Ho’ala

 Think you know what’s in your drinking water? The truth may surprise you. Lono Kahuna Kupua Ho’ala, water expert and author of Don’t Drink the Water, joins us on the show to discuss one of the most vital substances needed for life.

Andrew Weil calls his book:

“the most up-to-date and readable work I’ve seen on the subject of contamination of our drinking water and how to protect yourself from it.”

Did you know that most public water systems now use a chemical called chloramine that is not removed by most commercially-available water filters? Even if you have a well, it is wise to get your water tested for various ground contaminants. Lono talks about what filtering systems are the best, and what you can do to ensure you are drinking the best water for your health.


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