12 Steps To Create Better Health

Navigating your way through all the information to create better health can sometimes be daunting and confusing. There is so much information available from many different sources on how to create better health but is it accurate and will it work for you? That is the big question! I am offering you 12 to do’s that work! But, only if you use them!

Organic Meyer Lemons from Our Tree

Being the host of Food Integrity now, a holistic nutritionist, health coach, and life coach, I am constantly being asked about what is the best way to eat. Should I eat meat or not? Which diet is better–Keto or Paleo? Is it healthier to be a Vegan or Vegetarian? Should I eat meat? Why do I get so angry all the time? The questions go on and on. My answer is always, there is no one way of eating that works for everyone and there is no one way of healing that works for everyone. We are individuals, each unique and wonderful. That being said, I have a few common recommendations that I offer that work for most people.

  1. Eat non-GMO and organic whole foods. There are some 80,000 chemicals that can be in your food, air, water, and soil. Eating organic or growing your own food is a good way to greatly reduce that chemical load. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is one of the most toxic ones. Glyphosate is a known carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, causes fatty liver disease, allergies, creates leaky gut and more. There are no safe levels of glyphosate so eating organic is a must. Also, eliminate ALL refined sugar. To put it simply, it is poison!
Organic cabbage
Maciel Family Farms in Bonsal, California

2, Find out what foods work for you and what foods don’t. Now this will take some work on your part. You can do an elimination diet or you can get tested. A food sensitivity test can be very valuable so that you know what foods you have sensitivity to that will cause an inflammatory response in your body. I have used the Everly Well Food Sensitivity Test, which can test 96 different foods. Once you get your test, eliminate the foods you have a sensitivity to for at least a couple of months or more (use your intuitive) and then you may be able to slowing introduce them back into your diet. Some may have to be eliminate certain foods for much longer.

3. Drink clean water. There are many contaminants in our water supply including chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, BPA, PFOAs (which is the abbreviation for Perfluorooctanoic Acid, a chemical ingredient in the non-stick coating used to make Teflon) and more. When you travel you need clean water. Water bottles leach plastics into your water and these plastics are endocrine disruptors (we are talking hormones). Plus water bottles are so horrible for our environment, especially our ocean. I like this product and use this when I travel and I bring my own glass or stainless steel bottle. Purinize is a wonderful product, its compact and you can bring it anywhere and it works! At home I recommend this one, Clearly Filtered. It’s patented technology removes 99.9% of most of the chemicals that you do not want without removing the important minerals. They offer an under the sink system, a water picture with filter, shower filter and more. Reverse osmosis systems work well too and so do distillers. You will have to add trace minerals back to your water as these two methods remove all the minerals. I also recommend that you drink a 12 ounce glass of warm water (with organic lemon) first thing in the morning before you do anything else. It will re-hydrate your body after sleeping. ‘

4. Exercise your body regularly. Find something you love to do for exercise–that way you are more likely to be consistent and you will enjoy exercising! Dr. Dale Bredesen, one of the leading experts in the country on Alzheimer’s and Dr. David Perlmutter, Board Certified Neurologist, Author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker both agree that exercise is key to having a healthy brain. Dr. Bredesen states “Alzheimer’s should be a rare disease.” His protocol is not only helping people prevent this disease, it is reversing it. Speaking of exercise, spend time in nature. Nature is healing! Take a walk and leave your cell phone at home and enjoy your surroundings. Breathe in the beauty that is all around you.

Move your Body

5. Take high quality supplements. Unfortunately most of our soil is deplete of valuable minerals and vitamins so we do not get enough vitamins or minerals just from our food. It is important to supplement but what we supplement with is extremely important. Find out what is in your products. Is it free of heavy metals, glyphosate-residue free, gluten free, non-GMO, organically grown, etc. There are quite a few high-integrity companies. Two that I like are Truvani and Bio-Botanical Research. I use both these companies and take some of their supplements. Bio Botanical Research’s products are, in my opinion, the very best supplements to assist you in creating a healthy gut and immune system. I have used them and think they are very effective. They have been around for 30 years and there is much evidence of their effectiveness, including scientific studies. Check out all the Bio-Botanical Research products here Do your research and know what you are taking and why you are taking it. We offer a few other high-integrity products in our healthstore that you might want to check out. I have already done the research on these products!

6. Minimize your exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). We live in an age of technology. Almost everyone has a computer and a phone. The technology is getting faster and faster which means more dangerous radiation and harmful frequencies. 5G is mostly untested and the we are the human guinea pigs. When it comes to EMFs, there’s external protection (reducing exposure is #1, shielding is your #2 priority) — and there’s internal protection from foods, supplements, water, etc. All of the above apply. If you can, hard wire you computers and turn off the wifi. Turn your phone off when you are not using it. Take steps to shield EMFs. The Safe Sleeve is a well-tested product for your phones and computer. Keep in mind it is a tool, your first step is to reduce exposure. Another tool, is the Intrinity Plus, which you can learn more about here.

Intrinity Plus

7. Get a high quality air filter for your home, or at the very least your bedroom. There are many different contaminants in the air like chemicals, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and many other allergens. Especially when you sleep, you can be breathing in these contaminants and they can reek havoc with your health. One of the main types of Alzheimer’s is inhalation Alzheimer’s and it is mostly preventable. Check out Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book, The End of Alzheimer’s for more information about this. As far as air filters go, I like the Air Doctor the best for quality and price.

8. What you eat is extremely important. How you eat may be even more important. If you eat quickly without chewing food properly, you will not absorb the nutrients like you would if you eat slowly when you are relaxed. Chewing your food is a precursor to digestion. It is signalling the body to get ready and prepare to finish the digestion. When you skip this step, you miss many of the nutrients. Also if you eat when you are upset or angry, the food can become toxic to you. So slow down, sit down, enjoy your meal with family or friends if you can, and be grateful for your food. It will make a difference for sure.

9. Speaking of being grateful, it is very important to be thankful for what you have and to focus on what you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude is a powerful healing tool! Focusing on what you want and not on what you don’t want can be life changing.

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10. Let go of negative friends who do not support you in your greatness. Hang out with people who value you and friends who believe in you. Be a good friend! The company you keep matters. Only share your dreams and aspirations with those who will support you in accomplishing them.

11. Let go of negative anger and resentment. If you have unresolved childhood issues that keep you angry or create low self esteem, it is time to work on these issues and to resolve them. Forgive the ones who you feel harmed you. Forgiveness is for you. When we forgive others, it doesn’t mean what they did or how they acted was okay, it just means that you forgive the human being for making a mistake. People who harm others were harmed themselves–it’s learned behavior. If you have trouble picturing someone you want to forgive, picture them as an infant or toddler. It will make it easier for you to forgive them. Be sincere, forgive them, forgive the events and forgive yourself. It’s a three step process and it works!

12. Lastly, and probably the most important step is to love yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish! Love all parts of yourself, even the ones you keep in the closet–the parts you want no one to see. All parts of you are you! You will never achieve great health if you are hating a part of yourself. If you need assistance, get it. You are worth it. I can help but if not me, find someone to assist you in the process. There is always assistance available.

Be kind to yourself and others. Be well, Carol


  1. Carol: This is a wonderful article with so much great information. Thanks for your continuing journey to assist others in having their best life. With gratitude, Jenavie

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