5 Powerful Steps to Strengthen Your Immunity

Last Friday on The Empower Hour on CHD TV, we spoke with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who is a recognized world expert on gluten and its impact on health. He is an internationally recognized and sought after speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and the development of Autoimmune Diseases, as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. He is also the author of You Can Fix your Brain and The Autoimmune Fix. He shared 5 powerful steps to strengthen your immunity in an interview with Host, Zen Honeycutt and me.

Also on the show for our Coming Clean segment, we spoke with Debbie Morrill, who shared her amazing story of how she changed her diet and lifestyle and created an amazing transformation in her health and she lost 65 pounds. She then used the information she learned and shared it with her students in an amazing way–a Treasure Hunt. Those students then shared the information they learned about toxins in their food with their parents and others. This is how transformation happens, one person at a time! She inspired us!

The Empower Hour is hosted by fierce and unstoppable Zen Honeycutt, founding executive Director of Moms Across America, and Mothers Across the World, with weekly news by co-host Carol Grieve, Founder of Food Integrity Now, and insights from pioneering panelists in their field. Every show aims to empower and inspire each one of us to take action to be our Own community leaders and global game-changers.

Watch our October 1 show now and be prepared to learn and be inspired!


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