The People of Washington State vs.The Big Food Industry: GMO Labeling with WA Senator Maralyn Chase and I-522’s Carin Chase

 The big food industry is lying about Washington State’s I-522 GMO labeling issue. What else are they lying about?

Washington State Initiative 522, which is the initiative for mandatory labeling of GMOs is being voted on now. Food Integrity Now spoke with Washington State Senator Maralyn Chase and Co-Chair of the Yes on 522 Campaign and Carin Chase, a member of the Yes on 522 Executive Team, about the recent lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (“GMA”) brought by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. This suit was filed on October 16, 2013 to enforce the State’s campaign finance law, RCW 42.17A. The Complaint alleges that the GMA failed to disclose information about the campaign contributors to the “No on I-522 Campaign” and failed to divulge the source of over 7.2 million dollars of campaign contributions. Both Senator Chase and Carin spoke about how the big food industry is barraging the airways with lies and misinformation in an effort to get voters to believe that labeling is unnecessary, will be costly to the consumer, and will create confusion.

 Senator Chase spoke Food Integrity Now about the ramifications of this important State Labeling Initiative and how this will affect further labeling bills in other states and nationally. Senator Chase’s shares her concerns about the bigger picture of the local and national labeling issues. She stated “This issue is about fighting for democracy as much as it is about fighting for full disclosure of what is in our food supply.”  She further spoke about her concern that money is impeding our democracy. Senator Chase gave us information on countering the lie that we need GMOs to feed the world. This important information is listed below:

 Carin Chase talks about the importance of education and her concerns about the lies that the food industry is telling in this campaign in an effort to confuse the public as to the real issue–which is that we have the right to know what is in our food. She stressed the need for volunteers for phone banking and donations to get this important issue passed. Here is the site to volunteer or donate:

Senator Maralyn Chase  shared the information below which disputes the claims of the industry that we need GMOs to feed the world.

Claims are made that we need GMOs to feed the world and they do not add up.

1.  There will be 9.3 billion people in the year 2050, 37 years from now. That is a 30% increase over the present world population of 7.1 billion.
Source: United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, “World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030,”
2.  In 37 years from now, in 2050, we will have 85% more food than today to feed only 30% more people because world food production increases 2.3% every year and has done so for the last 20 years.
The vast majority of this food world-wide is still conventional (over 90%), and not GMO.
Source: FAO Statistical Yearbook, 2012, World Food and Agriculture.
3. Even if the world food production fell from 2.3% to only 1% increase per year, we would still have 37% more food in 2050 to feed only 30% more people.
There is no stretch by which GMOs are needed to feed the world. GMOs are all risk and no benefit.
Maralyn Chase
State Senator 32LD
Co-Chair of I-522
Source Information below:
 United Nation FAO.Food Supply and Population Growth pg2.pdf
1172K   View   Download
 United Nation FAO.Food Supply and Population Growth cover.pdf
1512K   View   Download
 United Nation FAO.Food Supply and Population Growthpg 4.pdf
658K   View   Download
 United Nation FAO.Food Supply and Population Growth pg3.pdf
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