Food Integrity Now features the most influential guests influencing positive change and integrity in the global food supply. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and timely information available on food and health related issues. Many people are becoming interested and aware of what they are eating and are making different and healthier choices as they become knowledgeable about our food supply. It is our mission to share information and to educate those wishing to make informed choices about what they put in their bodies.

We live in the world where corporate interests and have taken precedence over the health of people and the planet. The revolving door between private industry and politics is wider than ever before. If the organizations who hold the responsibility of keeping our food safe are no longer doing so, who else will do so but we the people?

Our Goals

  • Inform the public about unpublicized changes to the fundamental structure of our food.
  • Expose conflicts of interest between those making laws and those directly affected by those laws.
  • Advocate truth and transparency in food labeling.
  • Educate about new food production methods and policies that compromise the integrity our food source.
  • Promote companies with integrity.
  • Encourage conscious consumerism in choosing who we support in the supermarket.
  • Publicize the efforts of many individuals and organizations supporting this common cause.

Meet Your Host

 Carol Grievé is the host of Food Integrity Now. She is a Holistic Nutritionist  who uses the functional medicine model, Life Coach,  Educator, Writer, Speaker, Artist and Visionary. Over the past 14 years, Carol has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups to assist them in creating changes in their lives to become more fulfilled. She incorporates her knowledge of food and its effect on not only the physical body but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Email Carol for your free consultation. Skype and phone sessions are available. Email Carol@foodintegritynow.org for details! Carol is also available for speaking engagements!

Carol’s philosophy is that there is no separation in all that exists. She works with each individual to create balance in all areas of their life. In assisting her clients to create that balance, she helps them understand that the physical body needs nourishment and nutrient dense food to maintain optimal health and well being. She understands and assists ones to heal their self-limiting beliefs and to move beyond those self-imposed limits.

Over the past several years, Carol has become increasingly concerned with the quality of the food supply and with the deceptive practices of many of the large corporations that make the food. Her passion and love of food motivates her to do research about the quality of food and to share it with others through her coaching and radio shows.

She loves public speaking and educating the public about GMOs and other health topics. For more information about how Carol can assist you or for speaking engagements, please email her at carol@foodintegritynow.org

Our Story

Food Integrity Now was started by three friends brought together by a common thread – passion about food! We had begun to learn that our food today is not what it once was, and we began to investigate further…

Much has changed in the last 20 years of food production. Genetically-modified organisms, chemical preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics are all prevalent in the food we eat today. Technology is a great thing, but when used without integrity, it can have widespread negative effects. The majority of our food is produced by a handful of large multinational corporations. On one hand, we are inclined to trust that the food we eat has been tested and safe. On the other hand, anyone who has spent any time in corporate culture knows that profits are the ultimate goal. Government agencies responsible for ensuring the safety of our food have deemed these new technologies in food production to be safe, but are they really? When you look at who is responsible for approving these new technologies, we see many former employees of that same handful of multinational corporations.

We are wading in new waters, and the recent generation of young adults is the first to have been raised on a diet of genetically-modified organisms. The companies that engineering these organisms argue they are identical to their organic counterparts and do not need to be labelled, while simultaneously defending the patents in court with statements that their organism is “fundamentally different”. Every genetically-modified organism on the market today has undergone a 90-day study necessary to prove its safety, but long-term independent studies are indicating the contrary. GMO soybeans have been linked to genetic defects and infertility, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It would be one thing if these altered ingredients and procedures were labeled as such, but the producers of these products know they would not be accepted if their ubiquity was recognized. Genetically-modified organisms are not labelled and chemical agents are allowed to be hidden within the ingredient list. One of the fundamental goals of Food Integrity Now is to advocate truth and transparency in food labeling. We believe that people have every right to know exactly what they are buying and eating. If an eggplant has had it’s DNA modified to the degree that it holds its own patent, we feel that it can not be called a simple eggplant.

How did it come to be this way? We have no one to blame but ourselves for being passive as we have allowed this to continue. The influence of corporate lobbyists and corporate influence on the food laws of this country threaten our right to decide what we choose to put in our bodies. This is a fundamental freedom that we are letting slip away. It is now more important than ever to become educated about what we eat and to let our voices be heard. We are the people, and we have the power!

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