Apeel: Fruit and Vegetable Coating, A Risky Endeavor

Apeel, which is a coating that is used on fruits and vegetables, even some organic, is a risky endeavor for sure. Apeel fruit and vegetable coating was created by Apeel Sciences and was funded by the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, which raises a red flag to begin with. We know very little about this technology but what we do know, Apeel coating has some ingredients that may be harmful to human health.

I discuss Apeel with Dr. Christof Plothe, who has been studying and investigating the Apeel coating and he is very concerned about what is in this coating. Dr. Plothe is a Doctor of Osteopathy and a Naturopath. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the World Council for Health, which is a global coatition of health-oriented organizations and civil society groups to inform about health and human rights. He is the author or co-author of severals books, studies, and articles. One of the claims of Apeel is that it is Non-GMO. However, the process uses synthetic biology–isn’t that just another word for genetically engineered? What other ingredients in Apeel might be harmful to humans? Apeel’s website makes this process sound so appealing–hmm, not buying it! Another question that is raised by Dr. Plothe is, what happens to fruit and vegetables when they are not allowed to ripen naturally? Dr. Plothe offers a list of questions we need to be asking.

Listen to this important video presentation and informative discussion with Dr. Plothe and you decide whether you want Apeel on your food? I certainly don’t!

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