Balanced Hormones Is So Essential

In today’s world, we are being bombarded with so many environmental toxins as well as dealing with many stresses in our every day life. It is essential to have balanced hormones for good health. Stress alone can greatly throw your hormones out of whack. Are you predominantly using your sympathetic nervous system or parasympathetic nervous system? The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work involuntarily. Sympathetic is responsible for the response commonly referred to as “fight or flight,” while parasympathetic is referred to as “rest and digest.” In our world today, many are predominantly in that “fight or flight” mode and it is taking a toll on their body and especially their hormones. I spoke with Dr. Mariza Snyder, a passionate wellness practitioner and former biochemist, about why having balanced hormones is so essential to your health and wellness. She had much to share on this subject!

The Cost of Unbalanced Hormones

We know that hormone issues can lead to autoimmunity, one of them being hypothyroidism, which means that the thyroid gland can’t make enough thyroid hormone to keep the body running normally. Unbalanced hormones can lead to other autoimmune conditions, liver issues (our liver is already very overtaxed), gut issues, brain issues and more.

Out of Balance Hormones

Dr. Mariza candidly shared her personal story of being sick and tired all the time and how these health issues were affecting her life. She said:

“Like many women I know, I was being held captive by crazy unbalanced hormones and overwhelmed with life. “

Dr. Mariza talked about how being sick all the time motivated her to make different lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise she enjoyed, yoga and meditation. She also started researching essential oils as a way to balance her hormones, sleep better and more. She shared that many may not even know that their hormones are out of balance until a serious health issue arises.


Dr. Mariza had such great results with essential oils which was the impetus for her to write a book about hormone solutions. Her well-researched book is entitled The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, Reclaim your Energy and Focus and Lose Weight Naturally. This is a great book where you can learn about the benefits of essential oils (which is very well-researched.) In her book you can also learn about different blends and how they can assist you with things like sleep, hormones, stress, weight loss and more. She also includes a 14 day rescue plan to jump-start your hormone health. Check out her book here.

She offers fantastic information on how you can take charge of your health and reclaim your vitality. Click on the link below to learn more:

Thanks for listening and if you want to try some great blends of essential oil for stress, mood, sleep, immunity and wellness, click here.


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