Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce a new podcast series I am creating in collaboration with Dr. Rosie Kuhn called “Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru.” This will be a weekly podcast series with both Rosie and I. On the new series, Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru, we will not be interviewing any guests–we will just have discussions on different topics that may assist you to thrive and create health and wellness in every aspect of this life! I will also continue to do my regular podcast, Food Integrity Now, and offer health and wellness information with some fantastic guests as I have in the past.

Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru

This is a bit of the back story and what we are up to. A few months ago, Rosie was inspired by a Facebook post I created with several books written by the scientists, researchers, and practitioners I have interviewed on Food Integrity Now. Rosie was also inspired to reach out to me and reconnect. I went to Rosie’s website and I was very impressed with the work she is doing. Here’s a bit about Rosie. Dr. Rosie Kuhn is the principal of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, a boutique coaching firm that focuses on personal and spiritual development in oneself, in relationships, and in the workplace. She is a transformational coach and has been in the field of self-transformation for 40 years and is the author of 14 books. I listened to one of her podcast series called Spiritual Immersion, Taking the Plunge. After listening to several of her podcasts, I knew this was not just an accident that we were getting reacquainted after 55 years, and we decided it would be fun and exciting to do a podcast series together. You can learn more about Rosie and find her books and podcasts at

Rosie and I realized that we have a lot in common—especially with regard to supporting and empowering people to thrive. It’s not just about eating healthy, it goes beyond that to create a joy-filled life and thriving the way we might imagine a guru would thrive. So, Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru was born.

Our intention for creating this podcast series is to nurture thriving and to inspire you to create whatever it is you want in this life. Both Rosie and I know in our hearts that this is about nurturing the practice of making choices—not from a place of fear, lack, or loss. It’s about choosing to choose from our heart’s desire to thrive and to flourish.

Our first podcast will be coming out early soon. You can find the Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru podcast episodes and blog here or find us on Apple Itunes, Spotify or Podbean. We are extremely excited to assist you in creating an abundant, healthy, and joyful life.

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