Beyond Impossible and Common Ground, Must Watch!

In this post, Food Integrity Now is offering the film, Beyond Impossible, The Truth Behind Fake Meat for your education. It’s always important to be well educated about what you are eating. If you choose to be a vegan, eating fake meat is not the answer. Our mission at Food Integrity Now is to share information that can assist you in avoiding toxins in your food so that you can learn and make educated choices about what you put in your body. We in no way advocate any particular diet that you have to follow to be healthy. Every body is different. What we do advocate is eating an organic whole “real” food diet. We also share information about the fraud, manipulation and misinformation around food so you can make the wisest choice for you and your family.

Lastly, and most importantly, Food Integrity Now shares solutions on how to create better health for you, your children and grandchildren, and the planet. The film, Common Ground, featured below, offers real solutions on how we can heal our bodies, the soil and the planet. Common Ground is free to watch online through May 12 only, so check it by clicking on the photo below NOW! Thanks for being here.

Click here for Free Online Screening of Common Ground Through May 13, 2024!

Thanks for being part of the solution! Please check out Food Integrity Now’s Health Store for some of your health solutions! We are supported by you! To follow our work and to stay educated, Join Us!

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