Beyond Labels: Sina McCullough, PhD and Joel Salatin

Food Integrity Now spoke with Sina McCullough, PhD and Joel Salatin about their remarkable book, Beyond Labels, A Doctor and a Farmer Tackle Food Confusion One Bite At a Time. Sina, a PhD nutritionist and Joel, a farmer and owner of Polyface Farm offer a transparent look into the way our food is grown and handled.

Beyond Labels offers practical steps that you can implement into your life at any level. No matter where you are on the continuum, there is something for everyone in the book–from shifting from low quality processed food to high quality processed food all the way to growing your own food. They offer practical solutions in navigating our food supply. It is written in a conversational format that is easy to read and understand and can empower its readers to take steps to improve their health and happiness, one step at a time.

Sina McCullough, PhD

Sina states:

We believe most people want to be healthy, feel joyful and energized throughout the day, have the freedom to pursue their dreams, and trust that the food they feed their families is safe. So, we’ve designed a road map to help you achieve those overarching goals.

In our conversation, Sina also shares with us how she healed herself from a serious autoimmune disease by changing her diet and lifestyle. You will want to hear this!

Joel Salatin, Farmer

Joel, a highly skilled farmer, author and educator shares the importance of the power of choice. He talks about how we have the power to shape our lives and our food system by exercising our choices.

In the book, Sina and Joel offer 72 Practical Bites that you can use to obtain your health goals. Joel discussed a few of those Practical Bites offered in the book, like Saying No to Antibiotics when Eating Out and Saying No to Chlorinated eggs. Sina cleared up some of the confusion regarding labeling and offers some feedback on what some of those labels really mean.

Sina and Joel do a wonderful job of helping us to take small steps to create better health, happiness and freedom. The beauty in the way this book is written is that both Sina and Joel have their own individual opinions about the issues discussed in the book. Their back and forth conversation is refreshing and stimulating. I highly recommend Beyond Labels to anyone who wants to learn more about the quality of their food and improve their overall health and well being.

Click here or on the link below to listen to this inspiring interview.

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