Brain Health and Thriving Like a Guru

To whatever degree you wish to thrive, a healthy brain will support you in your endeavor. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss the how and why of having brain health to thrive like a guru. Being in a state of fogginess, forgetfulness or brain fatigue, we are challenged to make the wisest choices for our highest good and our highest truth. To thrive requires that we think clearly and calmly about what we want. When we are clear, calm, focused, and passionate about whatever it is we want, we can choose thoughts, feelings, and actions that bring about that state of thriving.

In this podcast, we explore elements of brain functioning, including many ways to nourish and nurture our brains. We share our personal experiences with how we’ve each worked, and played, in order to bring about brain health. The research now shows you can change your brain and grow new brain cells!

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Dementia or Alzheimer’s does not just happen because we age. Yes, there are a small percentage of people who are predisposed through heredity to these diseases, but we now know from epigenetics, we can change our genetics! I’ve interviewed one of the leading experts on brain health, Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of The End of Alzheimer’s, that environment toxins are one of the key factors in creating these diseases. The toxins are not the only factor, but an important element in creating cognitive decline. Stress is also one of the key factors! Reducing stress is essential for having great brain health.

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In our chat today, we discuss some of the tools we use to keep our brains healthy. I have found that many of my clients, when they adopt an organic, high healthy fat diet, notice a change in only a couple of weeks after reducing some of those environmental toxins. Rosie and I both know from working with many clients, that stress is not our friend and definitely not conducive to having brain health and thriving like a guru. Listen to our discussion to learn about some of the tools we use by clicking on the link below!

Please remember to check out Food Integrity Now’s Health Store for some of the products that can help reduce environmental stressors, like air purification systems. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Rosie and her her books, you can find our more here.


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