Our Children Are Being Poisoned: It’s Time for A New Resistance

What if you were unknowingly poisoning your child? What if that poison was coming through your own body? When you found out, would you be outraged and angry? Glyphosate (the active ingredient in RoundUp), has been found in breast milk! It is not only been found in breast milk, it is in our water, our soil, our food, our urine and in our blood. How has this happened?

Food Integrity Now spoke today with Ed Brown, a filmmaker, a husband and father of three small children about his upcoming film, A New Resistance, a film about Glyphosate.  This film, which Ed says “has to be made” is a film about the most widely used herbicide in the world, Glyphosate. Ed states:

Brown’s previous film, Unacceptable Levels, took on the entire chemical industry, and provided the world with a way to create changes in their lifestyles when faced with over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. This widely acclaimed film was a catalyst in creating his new film, A New Resistance, a film about Glyphosate. His passion when he speaks about what we are doing to our children and how we are unknowingly poisoning our children is inspirational and motivational. He articulately explains what Glyphosate does to the human body and sends a message of urgency in getting this toxic herbicide, mineral chelator and patented antibiotic recalled before it is up for renewal by the EPA in 2015. His message is one urgency in informing every mom about what they may be doing to their child. He said when speaking about moms once they know:

“It’s a film about poison! Let’s not just call it something else to make us feel good.”

“Your level of rage and anger needs to be on the tip of the tongue of every single mother that hears this information: “you are poisoning your child and you didn’t even know it–that’s the reality.”

Ed further states:

“This message needs to be on the tip of the tongue of every senator, adminstrators at the FDA, EPA, CDC, NIH, the President, every federal agency that is suppossed to oversee our health and every single person in Washington D.C.  We need for them to sit back and say “How is this possible that I could do something like this to a baby? Is that not criminal?”

When asked about the level of importancy in creating this film, he said:

“What else is more important than our children? It is the next generation. This is our human civilization.”

Ed and I discussed the health effects of Glyphosate and with everything I have learned, I feel this film could be the most important film of this decade. A New Resistance will be a free film so it can be distributed to as many people as possible.

Ed Brown needs our help in creating this important film which will be released in early 2015. The sense of urgency in doing this film now is further hinged on the fact that the EPA is currently reviewing Glyphosate and this process will be final in 2015. If they allow Glyphosate to be approved again, we will have to live with this toxic chemical for the next 15 years. Ed’s goal is to have the EPA’s office flooded with phone calls saying how on earth did you allow something like this to happen!

Let’s help stop this poison now. If you can donate even a dollar it will help. Ed needs $150,000 to make this free film, let’s all help him get it done. Please do what you can! Your children and their children and the next several generations will thank you.

To listen to this important show and learn more about A New Resistance, click on the player at the bottom of this page. I guarantee you Ed’s passionate message will make you want to take action!

If you would like to send a check, please make your check out to Resistance Films, LLC and mail to Resistance Films, c/o Awe Sum Organics, 123 Locus Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.  If you would like to contact Ed Brown directly for other ways to donate, please email him at edbrown.film@gmail.com

If you would like to get your breast milk, urine, water or food tested, go here


Unacceptable Levels Film
A New Resistance
A New Resistance Trailer

Website coming soon at www.anewresistance.com



  1. I learned so much from this interview. Everyone should see the film ‘unacceptable levels’, it is very fact based and truly exposes the condition in America that we all must wake up to and change!

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