Craig McHugh on Quitting Your Desk Job and Starting a Farm

Image courtesy A Joyful Noise Farm

Are you tired of traffic and banging your head against your desk? Dreaming of peaceful life out in the country? You can do it and Craig McHugh will tell you how. Craig McHugh owner of A Joyful Noise Farm, has a mission and it is to assist other individuals to do what he has done–leave the business world and create small sustainable farms in urban areas. Referring to himself a “gentlemen farmer,” he left a lucrative career in the high-tech business world to create his small organic farm. He and his wife Kellie started A Joyful Noise Farm on 10 acres only four years ago with a few chickens. In addition to having organic vegetables to sell at local farmers markets, they raise chickens, pigs, turkeys, cattle and goats. Their animals are raised in the pasture and are only supplemented with organic, non-gmo, non-soy, non-corn feed.  McHugh is passionate about the work he does and what they have created on their farm. He not only has a wealth of knowledge about farming, he is an inspiration for others who may be considering doing the same. A Joyful Noise Farm offers workshops on this lost art of farming and he invites folks to come visit the farm. This gentlemen farmer is teaching by example!


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