What You Eat is What They Will Grow: Real Dirt with Harry Stoddart

 Listen to this interview with Harry Stoddart, author, consultant, adviser, and philosopher. Stoddart has developed a farming system that he believes is a starting point for true sustainable agriculture. Stoddart’s book, Real Dirt, An Ex-Industrial Farmers Guide to Sustainable Eating tackles the major food industry problems and economic issues surrounding sustainable farming. Stoddart is an ex-industrial farmer who states:


“You name the sin that modern agriculture is accused of and I have not only committed it but also defended it.”

This book focuses largely on how we as eaters have a greater impact on agriculture than any legislation. He explains how our food choices today will have a much greater effect in changing our food system. He educates us as eaters about how we can individually participate in and demand sustainable agriculture.

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Stoddart explores the hows and whys of GMOs, resistance-building doses of antibiotics, pesticides and confinement animal housing. Listen as he talks about the steps on how all of us can learn to regenerate a healthy planet.

What the critics are saying:

“The most important person to read the message contained in these pages is every consumer, and that’s you! Your life will be better for it. You may be shocked…but you won’t be disappointed.”

Click below to listen to Harry talk about how it is up to us:

Show Notes:

Real Dirt, An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating


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