Diagnosis Cancer: One Woman’s Journey Back To Health

Jana Tompkins

“This can’t possibly be happening!” thought Jana Tompkins when she first felt the lump in her breast. I live a healthy lifestyle, I eat a vegetarian diet and exercise an hour every day. No one in my family has ever had breast cancer. What did I do wrong? These feelings are similar to the ones many women experience who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jana shares her journey before, during and after her diagnosis and discusses the alternative approach she took to healing. She made a choice to address this issue not only from a physical perspective but also from a mental, emotional and spiritual viewpoint as well. Through all her research Jana learned that although her previous lifestyle was thought to be healthy, there were things that she was doing that really did not support her good health and actually increased her potential for breast cancer. She also learned how to navigate all the choices and decisions that were being presented to her.

Learn what alternative therapies assisted Jana through this journey and what food changes she made that has supported her being cancer free.

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