Diana Reeves, Founder of GMO Free USA–Taking Back Control Over Our Food

 When Diana Reeves discovered that she and her daughter had an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten and dairy, she had to find answers. This prompted her to do her research where she discovered a book by well-known author, Robyn O’Brien entitled The Unhealthy Truth, One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply. This was her first experience in hearing about GMOs (genetically modified organisms)–from there, she never looked back! This mom turned activist started GMO Free USA, which supports the labeling of GMOs with the ultimate goal of getting GMOs out of our food supply. Her passion in creating awareness and taking action against some of the large biotech companies (or as she calls them, chemical companies,) has given a voice to many. She is an advocate for taking action by confronting these companies (and in particular Kelloggs) who are feeding these toxic foods to the masses in the United States. To hear her inspiring story, click on the link below:


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