Dilemmas of Aging

Many people as they age are contemplating the dilemmas of aging. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss some of those dilemmas and how we have a choice in how we age. After all, we are all aging, aren’t we?

The other day, a friend of Rosie’s shared this with her: “I’ve not intentionally eaten organic my whole life. At 78 years old, why would I start now?” That is also a question, I get quite frequently. Perhaps this dilemma of aging or mindset is that it is too late and that somehow we are relegated to grow old. Well, that’s one reality but not the only one!

Dilemmas of Aging

Choosing to eat better quality foods is just one of many dilemmas that may face people as they age. Nearly nine in ten (89%) adults 65 and older report they are currently taking any prescription medicine. Is this a dilemma of aging or a mindset? Could diet and lifestyle make a difference? Well, there is plenty of evidence that says it could. The fact is, we are all aging and may face dilemmas related to health, wealth, lifestyle, and relationships.

Today, Rosie and I discuss these dilemmas of aging. Regardless of where we are chronologically, we meet opportunities to know ourselves and grow ourselves. Every crossroad, be it, families, career, illnesses, love or spiritual uncertainties, brings us to ask ourselves really important questions, such as: What’s my purpose in life? How can I bring more well-being into my life? Or, how can I thrive like a guru and see my life as one big adventure. It’s all choice!

One of the reasons we are doing this podcast series, Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru, is to discuss how mindset is so important. We get to choose how we age no matter what is happening in our life. Having a thriving mindset is certainly a key to how we age! And, the cool thing is that it is available to all of us at any given moment!

Click on the link below to listen to Carol and Rosie discuss the dilemmas of aging. You can now find this podcast series, Beyond Food Integrity on Apple Itunes and Spotify. Thanks for being here and listening!

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