Herbal Remedies For Your Health This Winter

Food integrity Now spoke with Mari Marques, Certified Herbalist, about some of the DIY herbal remedies for creating health. Marques, owner of The Thymekeeper in Florissant, Colorado, offered practical ways you can use herbs, some of which you may already have in your home, to make teas, steams and more. She shared information on other natural ingredients to boost your immune system to stay healthy, shorten the time of an illness, or convalesce.

Mari Marques, Certified Herablist

She mentioned some of her favorite herbs and their medicinal properties and we discussed my favorite herb and how it is assisting me. She cautioned us about using certain essential oils on children and animals which was really good to know.

Marques shared some tips for moms, including an herbal popsicle, that she said they will like! She candidly said that “two year old’s were the toughest clients.” She gave recipes on making syrups that contain Elderberries and Honey that children would enjoy and even how to make your own version of a “ginger chew,” without all all that sugar. She also shared a recipe on making a drink to counteract dehydration to increase your electrolytes.

Sea Salt

In this 30-minute interview below, I am sure there will be something you can use to increase your overall health–without reading a bunch of side effects from an insert! After listening to the interview, if you want to find out more about Mari and what she has to offer, go here: Be well!

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