Don’t Like Your Outcome? Look at Your Intention

In this episode, you’ll hear Carol and Rosie share how so much of their focus is on the intention to learn and grow, from curiosity—not from lack, or fear of not being enough. If you don’t like your outcome, look at your intention because it is the most important piece to creating what you want. Being curious about that intention may help you understand why you created a certain outcome. Always stay curious!  

Rosie and Carol’s decades of life experiences has given them both opportunities to live from not-enoughness. They found it very unfulfilling. So, they continue to grow their intention to thrive and to be the fullest expression of their authentic selves. They found that this is when thriving becomes truly experienced and known! 

Whether it is just getting up in the morning or preparing for something like this podcast, we are always operating from intentions. The clearer we are with our intentions the more likely the outcome feels fulfilling! Also, keep in mind, intention can be subconscious. The same is true with food– intention matters! Are you eating to survive, to avoid feeling something or are you enjoying your food and nourishing your body? Intention when eating could be a whole other podcast, so stay tuned!  

Eight to Fivin’ Just Survivin’

Most of us are in management mode of how our day will go. The intention is to just make it through another day. This isn’t much fun. When we can begin to question our intentions for doing whatever it is we are doing, we can see how much is based on surviving—as in paying the bills, taking care of all the family’s needs, and perhaps just getting through it all.

Unhappy man working from his home

When we shift our focus, even to the tiniest degree, we can begin to experience something akin to, perhaps joy, or at least a sense of accomplishment, and fulfillment in that accomplishment. Thriving occurs when we are willing to have all the fun available in whatever situation that confronts us. Yep! Seeing and living life as an adventure can change everything! Have all the fun you are willing to have, no matter what!

Listen to Carol and Rosie’s chat about the importance of understanding intention by clicking on the link below! Thanks for listening and if you desire, please leave a comment for us!

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