Dr. Don Huber: GMOs and Glyphosate and Their Threat to Humanity

 Dr. Don Huber is an award-winning, international scientist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University. Today he spoke with Food Integrity about the dangers of GMOs and Glyphosate (Roundup).  Dr. Huber’s 50+ years of research and expertise in the area of plant pathology with a focus on epidemiology and control of soil-borne pathogens gives him much credibility in discussing the science behind GMOs and Glyphoshate.  He spoke about Glyphosate, which is the most widely used herbicide in the world, being many times more toxic than DDT. He explained how Glyphosate, a mineral chelator, herbicide and patented antibiotic, affects our human body as well as the environment and the inherent dangers associated with this chronic toxin.

 Dr. Huber discussed the alarming information about the recent finding of Glyphosate in human breast milk. He talked about the need for immediate research in this area–as the levels were much higher than the levels found in urine. His concern for future generations on the under-researched  and flawed science of genetic engineering is fact- based and comprehensive.  He stated:

 “We’ve pretty much sacrificed an entire generation of children. The longer we go, the more damage that is going to accumulate.”

Dr. Huber’s explanation of Colony Collapse Disorder is well-researched and clear as to the causes of the bee-die off and its correlation to Glyphosate.

His message is passionate, articulate and science-based and one that needs to be heard widely.

It is important to understand the facts if we are going to stop this dangerous process of genetic engineering and the widespread use of Glyphosate–the most toxic herbicide on the planet!

This may be one of the most important shows we have ever done. Listen to Dr. Huber’s message below:

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  1. Thank you for this scientific research and information which continues to support how GMO’s become toxic in the body and out. More people need to know we are being poisoned by GMO’s and processed foods. Thank you for sharing

  2. Michael Taylor, currently of the FDA was previously a lawyer for Monsanto which explains why GMO’s are getting through FDA and USDA approval. it is all about money and now politics is tied into it. We do not have an effective watch dog for the people of this country when it comes to the safety of our food and environment.

  3. I am an advocate against GMO’s and glycosate pollution and I only wish that there was long duration evidence of bad side effects testing.There are so many other pesticides and pollutant artificial chemicals in our food supply that it is really hard to make a one to one correspondence to the drug and diseases such as autism, etc.

  4. I’m doing a research paper for my English Composition Class. In a recent study they found The BT gene in 93 % of the blood samples they took from the women in the study. I’m sorry I don’t have the paper in front of me at the moment. My previous computer died and I have to take the HDD to try and get as much of my saved material on GMO and Glyphosate out of it.

    They also found the bt gene in the cord blood of the unborn children of the pregnant women in the study.

    From a video I watched and Natural Health 365.com, Dr. Huber talked about the transgenes in the food does! and has migrated into the genome of the good blood bacteria. These bacteria them become producers of the BT bursting gene. This, in my humble opinion is probably why we are seeing so many people with Irritable bowel syndrome today. If the holes get big enough to let whole food particles through, which is very painful for the people who have this problem, it is then called Chron’s Disease.

    We have got to wake as a species and stop this before it is totally to late. As it stand right now, it may take generations to repair the damage already done, Perhaps even harsh measure, such as asking people to get tested for trans genes before they have children…. and, hopefully, find a way to remove them.

    1. So is it generally recommended to go forward with breastfeeding or not? I’ll be having a baby in less than 8 weeks and I have no idea what to do. I breastfed my first son, but now I’m kinda scared to knowing I’m not on a 100% organic/non-GMO diet.

      1. The more organic you can go, the better. If you bottle feed, the expense of organic formula is high (been there done that myself). If you’re already eating partial GMO’s, your baby is already exposed, but breastfeeding, if you can, is still best. =) I switched from a heavy laden GMO diet myself while later in my pregnancy of 2013 but I breast fed still even after the fact. Do your best to eat as organic as you can. Organic apples are a good way (for some reason) to help cleanse the body of GMO’s, it was the first food I was craving when I detoxed from the diet.

        If you’d like some help with knowing the best things to by organic, do a search for “top foods to buy organic” and “GMO shopping guide” which will help you identify hidden ingredients, and brands that don’t support GMO’s.

  5. I have spent the last six months studying the GMO issue in intense detail, listening to scores of hours of fascinating interviews with expert, and putting a growing amount of that info up on the web (http://dickatlee.com/issues/gmo), and I still from time to time find my jaw dropping. Dr. Huber did an incredible job of incorporating the metabolic specifics of the glyphosate threat into real-life situations — HOW it affects colony-collapse disorder, HOW it affects breast-milk and infants. Your interview with Thierry Vrain was also excellent, and I’m thrilled that you interviewed William Engdahl. I read Seeds of Destruction after hearing about him through The Corbett Report, and I have seen almost no coverage since then of his incredible insights. Thank you many times over!

  6. You mention the similarity between the biotech industry marketing and tobacco industry marketing. It is my understanding the same marketing company the tobacco industry used is being used by Monsanto.

  7. I WILL CONTINUE LISTENING TO DR. HUBER. This has been in the making for years -Genetic Engineering does not increase the world food crop-as Monsanto wants us to think-Genetic Engineering weakens the plant’s ability to bring an increase in yield and quality. GMO’s and more and more chemical and dyes added – with horrible disruptive health consequences.
    Colony Collapse Disorder- Without bees man is doomed-so dependent on bees for our survival.
    So many red flags out there.
    Thank you Dr. Huber and Carol for bringing him on to spread the word.

  8. Wonderful podcast. Dr Huber presented the facts in a way that leaves no doubt the hazards imposed by GMO’s and “Round Up”.

  9. I had a feeling this would be excellent and it sure was! What a WEALTH of information in 45 minutes Dr. Huber is. The truth must get out, no doubt! It has been so suppressed.

  10. I haven’t listened to the talk yet, but I certainly will. And, I thank you in advance for providing it. I went to a talk last year by Dr. Huber at Butler University one evening. He spoke to about 40 or 50 of us and took our questions afterward. Simply put, he’s remarkable. An excellent scientist with lengthy and impressive credentials, he’s also a person with an effective conscience and a concern for the future of his children, grandchildren, and all of us. Most of us believe that GMOs and their related chemicals pose widespread health problems for everyone. But Dr. Huber knows this to be the case. He can put the pieces together and see the big picture. He’s an invaluable resource for this movement.

  11. I was eating lunch while listening. Besides scouring the cracker packaging hoping to find a voluntary ‘non-GMO’ label, at certain points of the interview, chewing and all activity stopped as the profound realities and implications of this situation sunk in beyond my previous understandings. Yowza. How do we get out of this one?

  12. There’s an alternative to trying to work with government. Ignore it.

    Instead, demonstrate action alternatives that work.

    Just ask nature what to do, and do it. Learn as you go.

    For example, HolzerAgroecology has over 160 project worldwide demonstrating we can regreen the earth, rehydrate soils, and achieve abundant yields in excess of what commercial agriculture achieves.

    Most of these projects are not in the United States because in the United States everything is illegal.

    The projects in Spain and Portugal are well along and easily accessible in Holzer’s book, Desert Or Paradise.

    Projects on Siberia and Kazakhstan are huge. Holzer’s clients are regreening and reforesting the Steppes!

    All this is being accomplished by working cooperatively with Nature. There are no technology preconceptions, but the work is being done with simple equipment and without GMOs.

    Why suffer depleted soils and deserts when one can quickly rehydrate the earth?

  13. I have learned the dangers of GMOs and marched against Monsanto last week and again learned more. This information however blows anything I heard out of the water. It would have been so helpful to have had Dr. Huber’s interview on audio or in writing to be shared in NYC and across at least this country. Elsewhere they are aware and empowered.

    1. Francisco, help raise awareness and share the information with others. Education is key–so many people don’t know about these chemicals.

      1. I think you are right Carol. The US National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the European Commission, the National Science academies of every EU country, the World Health Organization, the AMA, etc… simply haven’t read enough blogs like yours and know nothing about GMOs and glyphosate. How else can we explain the scientific consensus that GMOs have been a net benefit for society and are as safe as any other crop breeding release? Perhaps it is just that all of the top scientists in the world, regardless of discipline, are secretly on the payroll of Monsanto?

        Please also keep us informed as to when Dr. Huber publishes data on his extremely dangerous prion/virus and shares his organism for scientific study. Eight years would seem to be a long time to keep this dangerous organism a secret.

  14. Has Dr. Huber commented on the presence of glyphosate in vaccines? I’m sure there must be a connection there somehow.

  15. I´m interested in links/URL to research/studies/published of Don Huber…. At first about glyphosate but also GMO (but I have a lot of materials already).

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