Dr. Lorrin Pang: Human Experimentation

 Food Integrity Now has done many interviews and articles on the ill-health effects and environmental issues caused by GMOs, glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. Today, I spoke with Dr. Lorrin Pang who offered a different prospective about the use of the many pesticide that are being sprayed (85 different chemicals in Hawaii) in our environment without our individual consent.  You might think, well of course I have not consented to their use, but there is more here to explore regarding this topic of human experimentation.

 To understand the issue more fully we have to go back to the Nuremberg trials, where the doctors who committed the atrocities and human experiments on innocent people without their informed consent were held accountable. You might ask, what do the Nuremberg trials have to do with pesticide being sprayed? Dr. Pang makes a very good argument on what they might have in common and what rights have been violated regarding human experimentation. In this interview, he very articulately explains how we are being experimented on and how these individual rights are being violated without our informed consent and what this all really means.

 This interview with Dr. Pang, who knows a lot about informed consent, as he taught clinical trials for the World Health Organization for two decades, gives us much food for thought. He explains the principles of human experimentation and informed consent and how it is supposed to work in this country. He shares about the US Cold War Experimentation Hearings and how Congress held the military accountable, albeit 30 years later, to these principles and how that relates to what is happening today with the open air use of pesticides.

This is a fascinating interview and one you will want to listen to a couple of times. I guarantee you will hear something that you may never have thought about before. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to listen:

Show Notes:

Physicians Coalition for Responsible Agriculture on Maui


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