Dr. Madiha Saeed: Teaching Children About Health and Wellness

Dr. Madiha Saeed, Board Certified Family Physician, Author and Speaker talks the talk and walks the talk. After having many health issues in residency, she learned how to heal herself first. She then taught her children about what she learned about using nutrition, the environment, meditation, nature, surrounding themselves with loving people, and more holistic healing modalities to heal themselves. What a concept: Teaching children about health and wellness and how to be responsible for their own health!

She started when her children were young and now they are teaching others through their own podcast, The Holistic Kids Show. They have also co-authored a book with her, Adams Healing Adventures From Sickness to Health. This book is first in a series for children about healing their body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Dr. Saeed has written another book called The Holistic RX and is currently writing another one for children. Her passionate and loving nature is wonderful and as you will see and hear, it makes so much sense! You can find Dr. Saeed on social media as The Holistic Mom MD.

Using these tools and teaching children, starting at a young age, about health, could change the trajectory of our diseased world. Chronic disease in children is on the rise and at almost epidemic levels. She has a plan and is on a mission. Food Integrity Now shares this mission! Please join us and share this show with everyone you know. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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