Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Is A Whole Food Plant Based Diet Right For You?

 Dr. T. Colin Campbell, nutritional scientist with a long list of credentials and co-author of the widely popular book, The China Study, Whole and featured in the documentaries, Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation, spoke with Food Integrity Now today (the interview is at the bottom of the page.)  Dr. Campbell talked about the research in China that led to his book, The China Study.  Dr. Campbell’s research indicates that a way to reverse or alter heart disease, cancer and other diseases is to eat a whole food, plant-based diet, to limit your fat intake to around 10-12 percent and have as a goal to remove all animal products from your diet.  This way of eating definitely conflicts with the low-carb diets that so many are following today. Dr. Campbell research points to the protein in animal products as being one of the main culprits in turning on cancer cells and causing heart disease.

 I questioned Dr. Campbell about the differences between eating factory-farmed meats, which are injected with antibiotics and fed genetically engineered grain and grass-fed meats.  I felt this was a valid question, since there would be many differences in the quality of these meats. His response was that there would be no difference since the mechanism is the protein in meats and they both have the same amount of protein.

When asked about grains, he did concur that eating organic seems to make sense. However, he does not share the disdain for grain that other popular doctors like Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly or Dr. David Perlmutter of Grain Brain and Brain Maker talk about. He intimated that these doctors lacked scientific evidence in their books as to how gluten and grains affect the body. He also shared that there are studies that indicate only a small percentage of the population has gluten sensitivity, as compared to the statistics in Dr. Perlmutter’s books of 30% of the population having gluten sensitivity.

 Dr. Campbell’s research spans over a half a century and he stands by his research. His son, Nelson Campbell, is the director of the new documentary, PlantPure Nation, a film in which Dr. Campbell is featured. The film shares information on how the lobbyist control our political system and information as to what really affects our health. PlantPure Nation is currently showing in about 100 theaters across the country.

Dr. Campbell’s work may be controversial to some in an age where there is so much information evolving about the microbiome, grain and gluten’s effect on the gut and having a healthy immune system. He also talked about some of the research he did in the late fifties on the microbiome and questions why some of the older research is not currently cited.

I know you will find this interview interesting. You may or may not agree with what Dr. Campbell has to say, but he certainly backs up his claims with a mound of research. You decide! Please leave a comment below the link to the interview.

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  1. The focus of this interview–the results of Dr. Campbell’s scientific study of the effects of animal protein in his controlled lab and field experiments–is not a point of individual philosophy, nor open to personal interpretation. The interviewer is polite, but the presumptiveness of her POV is flooring. Whether or not some people choose to “agree with what Dr. Campbell has to say” is no more relevant to the results of his work than whether they choose to “agree with what Dr. Darwin or Dr. Einstein has to say” and its relevance to evolution and relativity. Well-conducted, unadulterated science produces clean results that under the same conditions, will be reproduced time and time again by other experimenters using the same careful protocol. It is unambiguous. It produces fact, not philosophy. Whether the result is inconvenient or in total opposition to any individual’s personal beliefs or lifestyle, is irrelevant to the FACT that in mammals, ingesting even low amounts of animal protein can turn cancer on and off, just as 2+2 will always equal 4 and never 3, 5 or 9, unless the science that proves it is adulterated to skew the results. The incredibly small degree of individual physical variation that exists in Homo sapiens and between members of other mammalian species will not produce different results: Ingesting even low amounts of animal protein can turn cancer on and off. Are you a mammal? Well, punk, then you’ve just got to ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky today?”

  2. Suzanne Suarez Hurley

    I feel lucky to know about the science! When I took T. Colin Campbell’s certification program at Cornell online, I learned the science from multiple experts in the science of nutrition, most of them M.D.s. While learning, the proof was so clear that I was motivated to change my diet pretty radically. Even though I had been “vegetarian” for years, I still used eggs, cheese, and other dairy products. During and after the Cornell program, my diet changed radically for the better. Surprisingly, I still use many of my favorite recipes to great success while eliminating oil and all animal products. Meals are still delicious. Weighing less is a plus. Suzanne Suarez Hurley

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