Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Strengthen Your Immune System Now

Almost everyone agrees that you need to build or strengthen your immune system now. Today, Food Integrity Now spoke with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who is considered a “Sherlock Holmes” for chronic disease and metabolic disorders. Dr. O’Bryan and I talked about the immune system and what steps you can take to build it physically, emotionally and mentally.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Carol Grieve’

Dr. O’Bryan is an internationally recognized and sought-after speaker and workshop leader on various health topics as they relate to gluten and its impact on health and autoimmune diseases. He has written two best selling books, The Autoimmune Fix and You Can Fix Your Brain, Just 1 Hour a week to the Best Memory, Productivity and Sleep. He is considered by many to be the teacher’s teacher of Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine or Integrated Medicine asks the question why when someone presents with an imbalance or disease in the body. This type of approach to wellness and treating the whole body, that is intimately connected, allows integrated medicine doctors to search for the root cause of the issue–as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Healing your gut it critical! You can find out more about Dr. Tom O’Bryan at www.thedr.com

Dr. O’Bryan talked about the importance of what he feels are the four important key vitamins, drinking clean water, breathing clean air and some new studies out about plants that can help clean the air, and much more. We spoke about the importance of creating a healthier mental and immune system as it is all connected!

Listen to what Dr. O’Bryan and I have to say in our talk that may help you strengthen your immune system. I think you will learn something. If you want audio only, click on the link on the bottom of the page.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Carol Grieve’

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