Dude, Where’s My Vitamin C?

 Maybe you are a person that buys vitamin C, herbal cough syrup, or probiotics when you think you might be coming down with a cold. Maybe you take Co Q10 to keep your heart healthy, or Red Yeast Rice to keep your blood pressure down because you don’t like the side effects or cost of pharmaceutical drugs. Now, imagine you go to your health food store one day to buy vitamin C and the brand you usually buy is gone. In fact, you notice that the selection of all of the herbs and supplements seems to be quite a bit smaller. Luckily, you can still find the herbal cough syrup you like, but it’s double the price and it’s a new formula that is lacking one or more of the herbs it used to contain. When you ask for Red Yeast Rice, you are told that it must be prescribed by your doctor because it’s now a patented drug. What happened?

You may not have heard that last year they passed the Food Safety Modernization Act, and that it calls for the creation and implementation of New Dietary Ingredient Guidelines.  The FDA has drafted regulatory guidelines that, if implemented, will put smaller companies out of business. The increased cost of submitting or reformulating existing products for approval, by companies able to do so, will translate to a greatly inflated price for the consumer. The space created in the market by this carnage will leave it vulnerable to domination by pharmaceutical companies. Doubtful? This has already happened in Europe, and will happen in the U.S. unless the gravity of the situation is realized and acted upon by the people.

Research shows that the nutritional supplements industry takes a substantial amount of potential profits away from the pharmaceutical industry. If the people don’t talk LOUDLY, the money will.  There is a short amount of time left to make your voice heard, the deadline is December of this year unless an extension is agreed to.

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  1. Incredible, but completely logical. “Steal it, ban it, vilify it, lock it up or burn it down – whenever stealling it isn’t profitable,” is the FDA/AMA/BIG Pharma Scam-opoly motto. All to protect you from harm, death and from scammers, by accusing any and all competition of doing exactly what they are doing…

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