Earth Detox A Critical Choice

Food Integrity spoke with Julian Cribb, author of Earth Detox, How and Why We Must Clean up the Planet. I feel like this is one of the most important interviews I have done and books I have read and so relevant for our times. To put it bluntly–Earth Detox is a critical choice. His well researched book covers so much information about what we are doing to our planet with chemicals and pollutants. The information can be unnerving to hear or read but so important to know. That saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” is simply not true. Knowing the truth is empowering and can assist us to make wise choices for ourselves and the future of this planet.

Earth Detox

When I spoke with Julian, he shared with me some pretty critical topics and facts, all backed in science, on how we are polluting our planet and greatly jeopardizing our health, the health of our children and generations to come. But he offers solutions as to how we can detox our bodies and the Earth. There is a plan–but it involves every one of us! We have the power and need to use it. Julian offered so much timely information in this interview about some of the biggest problems we face as a species and steps you and I can start implementing NOW–and it is up to us.

Detoxing our Bodies and the Earth

Listen to the interview below. You won’t regret being part of the solution!

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