Eating Ethically – What Does That Mean to You?

 We live in a country where we certainly have lots of food choices.  We might be labelled a vegetarian, a vegan, an omnivore, a pescatarian or other labels that denote how we choose to eat.  In my interview with Marissa Landrigan, she explores some of those food choices and what it really means to eat ethically.

 Marissa Landrigan, author of The Vegetarian’s Guide To Eating Meat, shares her story and quest to not only find herself but to discover what it means to eat well in America.  Her path led her on a journey from growing up in the suburbs of New England, where she never really saw a working farm, to traveling to different areas of the country exploring several different food cultures and small local farms. She realized that eating ethically was not as easy as she originally thought. She candidly shares her life as a vegetarian for 7 years and how that changed when she learned about eating locally, sustainably and ethically.

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, omnivore or any of the other labels, Landrigan’s story explores the conversation about how we can learn to eat ethically and let go of rigid thinking around our food choices.

Click on the link below to hear her story, it may surprise you:



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