Eating Like Your Life Depends On It

My life work is educating about toxins and chemicals in our food supply and offering solutions on how to create a healthy life where you can thrive. I recently spoke at the Health and Homesteading Conference in Southern California about eating like your life depends on it. Because it does!

In this talk below, I educated about GMOs, glyphosate, food labelling (which can be confusing and deceptive), contaminated animal feed and how you can navigate through all the toxic soup and even perhaps create a parallel food system. Eating like your life depends on it means taking responsibility for what is on the end of your fork, which is a primary deterrent of your health, and what you are feeding your family and animals. I also stress the importance of sharing and making a difference with others who may not know. I call this “each one teach one.”

In my talk, I offer information and resources on where to go to check out how your eggs rate, how to start a neighborhood food network, and other resources to assist you in your journey to create a healthy, vibrant and joyful life for you and your family.

Watch the video above and please share with others. Remember, “each one, teach one!”

Organic Food From Our Homestead

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You are part of the solution and your children, grandchildren and generations to come will thank you! Be the one!


  1. Great blog. I agree 100%.
    Part of what Hippocrates said was,
    “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine”
    That was before farm chemicals, big Ag and big Pharma have contaminated our food, and also our immune systems.
    Cancer, Autism, heart disease all on the rise, never heard about 100 years ago.
    Today, many foods in grocery stores are poison, and we need to chose carefully.

  2. Thank you for this information and sharing it with us. This is something I have been passionately working on myself and trying to share with others. The more this information is shared the more we can learn. Knowledge is power and healthier.

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